Minute/Year – Spectrograms, 2016, Day 1–184

Minute/Year – Spectrograms, 2016, Day 1–184

Minute/Year (2017, Day 2)

Minute/Year spectrogram (2017, Day 2)

Minute/Year (2016, Day 14)

Minute/Year spectrogram (2016, Day 14)


Minute/Year: spectrogram images generated from each day’s minute of audio (day 9-16, 2016)

Minute/Year is an automated, multi-year durational work, in which sound is automatically layered in a resonant space, for one minute each day, and then published online, daily, as audio and accompanying spectrogram image.

Every day, for one minute, Minute/Year adds a new layer. The daily process goes like this: the sound that is occurring in a single ordinary living room space, during a single minute, is recorded. But, simultaneously, the previous day’s recording – of the sound of the same space 24 hours before – is played back into the space. So, each recording includes its predecessor, which includes its predecessor in turn, and so on, in a potentially infinite regression.

Each day’s minute-long recording is then converted into a spectrogram – an image of the frequencies of the audio — and the two parts are then published online. This entire process is automated – it happens without any human involvement, and runs daily at 20:18 (in 2018).

The space in which the piece occurs alters each year (Currently it is in Ladenkino, Berlin. In 2016, it was a room in a private apartment; in 2017, it was in Lütticher 5, an shared artist project and living space in Berlin).

Through this process, Minute/Year creates an accumulating archive of sounds and images, each one building on the ones that have come before. The sounds of daily life – of activities, large and small – become material for a layered index, which develops, mutates and degrades over time.

The work is motivated by many overlapping themes. Can surveillance be turned inside-out? What happens when public and private contexts are collapsed, for one minute each day? Is it possible to simultaneously be a listener and a performer? What ghosts lurk in the constant repetition and layering of sound in a single room? Who, and where, are the audience, in a work that is mainly experienced online? These questions, and the discussions arising from them, frame the interests that have motivated the creation of the work.

View of Minute/Year, as installed in Ladenkino, Friedrichshain, Berlin, during the one-minute daily process of replaying and recording, 8. May, 2018.


Current year to date (individual minutes):

Previous years (combined single tracks):

Derived works

Minute/Year spectrogram screen-prints at Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin

Minute/Year spectrogram screen-prints at Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin

Minute/Year (CHB)

Minute/Year: video loop of spectrogram images (as projected on the facade of Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 21.03.2016)


The space in which Minute/Year occurs alters each year. These are the locations to date.

2018 Ladenkino
Independent cinema in Friedrichshain, Berlin. Minute/Year is installed in the front foyer area.
2017 Lütticher 5
Shared exhibition, project, and living space in Wedding, Berlin
2016 G23
For the first year that it ran, Minute/Year was installed in a room in a private apartment.

Related events

Open Minutes:

The process of creating each days’ minute is occasionally used as a method for presenting the work to small groups. At these presentations, or open minutes, we discuss the work, and attendees are able to be present for the day’s minute.

Upcoming open minutes:

01.01.2018 No upcoming events at present

Previous open minutes:

27.11.2016 Open minute #6 (with Agente Costura)
29.09.2016 Open minute #5
14.06.2016 Open minute #4 (with Red Monky)
01.05.2016 Open minute #3
13.03.2016 Open minute #2
07.02.2016 Open minute #1

Exhibitions, talks, and other events:

The images and sounds generated by Minute/Year have been presented at the following exhibitions and talks.
28.04.2018 Minute/Year (2017)
Site-specific video presentation | Lütticher 5, Berlin
07.–09.07.2017 Minute/Year (2017, January–June)
Solo exhibition | Das Giftraum, Berlin
08.06.2017 Self-surveillance and Pervasive Data
Lecture, discussion | Panke, Berlin | View on Medium
19.–25.01.2017 Minute/Year (2016)
Solo exhibition | Lite-Haus Galerie, Berlin


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Video derived from Minute/Year, as projected on the front facade of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Berlin, Germany on 23.03.2016.